About us


I’m a native Roman, in love with my city and its magic. I lived in the U.S. for over a decade and when I’d travel back to Rome, I’d look for gifts to bring to friends and family that captured the flavour of my Italian hometown. I would always return disappointed with tacky magnets or cheesy polyester T-shirts, or simply emptyhanded.

When I moved back to Rome, I decided to launch Pezzi and create the very thing missing from my visits to this great city. With the help and inspiration of a dear friend I created my own line of comfy 100% cotton T-shirts and accessories for the whole family with illustrations that evoke the beauty and humor of Rome and Italy that Romans and visitors can enjoy. These are more than just souvenirs.

The designs are hand-drawn by local artists and depict what I love most about Italy: the parks framed by the Roman pines, the ancient aqueducts, a slice of prosciutto on crispy white pizza, chocolate gelato on a happy kid's face, and ravioli from the neighborhood trattoria.  

Why the name “Pezzi”?   

Pezzi means “pieces” in Italian. I chose the name because it filled the piece of Rome that was missing for me, and because I wanted to create delightful pieces that make people smile and remember their favorite moments in Italy.