About us

Claudia and Lilian met one evening at an old Villa on the Janiculum Hill in Rome and realized they had similar passions and experiences. Both became mothers as transplants in different parts of the world, had entrepreneurial inclinations, and shared a love for Rome and Italy. In 2021, they launched Pezzi to make their own line of comfy, 100-percent cotton onesies and T-shirts for the whole family that both Romans and visitors can enjoy.  

Claudia is a native Roman who lived in the U.S. for over a decade with her husband and two children. She worked in public health but always had a knack for design, fashion, and aesthetics. Her hobby is restoring furniture. On trips back to Rome, she’d look for adorable gifts that captured the flavor of her Italian hometown but would always leave disappointingly empty-handed. Now that Rome is once again home, Claudia co-founded Pezzi to create the very thing missing from her visits to this great city.

 Claudia is a Roman native. After years living abroad, she moved back to the city with her family. 

Lilian is a Korean American living in Rome since 2018. As a former management consultant and human rights worker, she never shied away from a challenge — and that didn’t change once her son was born, either. When Lilian looked for onesies that depicted the quirks and charms of Rome but found mostly mass-produced low-quality options, she started sketching ideas for Pezzi. She is a true city girl, and Rome shares her heart with Los Angeles and Seoul.

 Lilian is a Korean American transplant in Rome. She moved to Rome in 2018 and got to know the city through a mother's eyes. 

The cute and humorous illustrations featured on Pezzi clothing are hand-drawn by local artists to evoke what Claudia and Lilian love most about Italy — the parks framed by the Roman pines, the ancient aqueducts, a slice of prosciutto on crispy white pizza, chocolate gelato on a happy kid's face, and ravioli from the neighborhood trattoria.

Why the name “Pezzi”?   

Pezzi means “pieces” in Italian. Claudia and Lilian wanted to incorporate their families into the brand’s name, as Pezzi was born out of many discussions at the gathering table. Their  husbands are both journalists, writing pieces about Italy and beyond, so Pezzi was a fitting choice. But more than anything, Claudia and Lilian chose the name because they wanted to create delightful pezzi for people to remember their favorite moments in Italy.